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    2002 GTX RFI - literally Fing stumped!!!!!!

    2002 GTX RFI
    compression is good.
    New rectifier.
    New rave valve solenoid
    Battery is charged and holding voltage. Checked before and after riding. When you start goes from 12.6 to 13.5 v.
    Throttle body cleaned.
    Fuel Injectors are a year old.
    Fresh gas

    Ski bogs out the hole, then starts to take off. At around 4500 rpm it runs all the way to wide open with no problem. Ski runs great when you first start out, but as soon as you warm up, then the problem with the bogging begins. Take cap and top spring off, no difference, still bogs (expected it). Hold both rave valves down, ski takes off with no problem. New solenoid. We checked to make sure raves for air leaks, all good there. New check valve down by the crankcase. We took the bottom springs out of the rave valves and the ski would speed up with one or two hiccups, which was better than what we had. We also had to have the red cap screwed all the way down. If you took it back out even a turn, the symptoms would come back. We even unplugged the solenoid, no difference. Pulled the hoses off one at a time, still the same thing.
    So tonight, I checked to see if the rave valve solenoid was getting any power by using a test light. When I put the test light on the positive, its not on, put key in, it lights up. Start it up and rev it up its constant light. Doesn't go out tell we shut the ski off. I figured the mpem controls the power to the solenoid, or is that black little box on the solenoid determine when to open and close? So does the mpem give constant power to the solenoid? Its a purple (that's what it looks like to me) and black wire that plugs into the solenoid. Is the black a ground? Or is that the wire coming from the mpem to tell the switch to open?
    I can't figure this crap out for my buddy, been a long time since I touched a 787 motor, much less a rfi. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    i had the same problem with my 99 gsx rfi. so you say you hold the rave down and it takes off fine. 1st thing. put those lower springs back in as they are there to hold the seals down so that exhaust dont leak through and burn the rave bellows. after you do that place the upper spring and watch the raves as you place the raves caps on, the caps w and spring should hold the raves down and the raves should be closed till the rpms reach about 5000. how i know is i had the same bad bogging issue till it hit 5k rpm's and then it ran good. my problem was solved finding out the new sbt rave bellows were too stiff that they would not close. i even bought new rave cap springs and still would not close so i remembered that i saved my old bellows and installed and fixed the issue and runs great now though out the power band. it took me a long time to figure this out and will never buy sbt bellows again! like i said they are too stiff. let us know how it goes.

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