ok guys so i have basically been battling rpm and speed all summer. last winter i got the sc rebuilt by Jerry, put a riva waterbox and thru hull, opas blockoffs, 4inch air, catch can, riva grate, riva BOV, free mods on my 07 gtx ltd 215. at the begining of the summer it ran about 67/68 gps at about 7700 to 7850. i was rather unimpressed since the ski was almost doing this stock. checked all hoses and connections everything was good there. i road the ski like this for all of basically all of july until i decided to rip the BOV off after reading some posts on here. as of today i hit the best speed ive gotten all summer. 71.2 mph gps at 7900 rpm. calm conditions water temp 70 degrees. im pretty happy with the speed but im not quite sure how i feel about the rpm. after reading around on here it seems i should be around 8100 right? ive just been scratching my head all summer. im thinking of doing an external ic and an et 127 + injectors next. will these mods get me where i should be? thanks- Alex