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    717 swap into 94 GTX. Motor ran away on me last night...fix inside!

    So I came across a barn find 94 GTX with a double trailer which was PERFECT cause my wife needed a ski and I needed the double trailer!

    Long story short...I had to toss a motor in it. I debated an SBT or roll the dice and purchase a donor ski. Ultimately I went the second route which I'm extremely pleased I did. I bought a 1996 GTI with an early 717, dual carbs and DESS.

    Well they are both 4 wire stator motors so the 717 is now running DESS free

    But last night after the install...I hooked up the water and fired it up. Ran great but seemed to rev hang a little. Well after a couple times of full pulls...I hit the throttle...and she never came back

    I freaked the hell out!!! Pulled the lanyard...NOTHING Pulled the spark plug wires...NOTHING. At this point I'm in full panic mode because I don't want to pop this motor!!!I shove a rag around the PTO coupler and that kills it. Because I hear water boiling...I actually crank the thing back up because I want the motor to stay moving and I want water flowing so it doesn't seize. Seemed to work because my compression is still 150psi in both jugs. I'm sure I shaved some life off the old 717 but it runs great today...because....

    two reasons...
    1. the scott grips I installed while waiting for the motor allowed the thumb lever to actually stick once you got to about 80%

    2. the cables for the 657 and 717 are actually different and I had ALL the slack out just to be able to get it to idle down.

    Case in point...when installing new cables or new grips...ensure PROPER range of the throttle is tested before running a motor or potentially kill it unknowingly.

    Water test this weekend!!!

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    was the gti in good shape? if it was then you could have just run that one. the 96 gti uses the same hull as the older gt's and gtx"s. if the hull hull is different but still the same color scheme than you bought a 97 gti. the last 2 digits on your "hin" plate is the year of the watercraft (unless they have been illegaly switched).

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    GTI had no title, locked steering cable, ripped seats, faded everything, etc etc etc. The 94 GTX is a barnfind. And I deffo realize they use the same's why it made the perfect donor! Everything swapped right in!

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    did you change the jet pump? the gtx jet is set up for the smaller engine. the gti pump should run about 50 mph. where the gtx 650 pump will run about 46 mph. also if the the gti was that bad I would check the spark plugs after every use to see if it is running lean or rich. if the front crank seal in the motor is dry rotted it will suck air and lean out #1 piston and burn it up. other than that good luck I hope it runs great for you.

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