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    05 Rxp with x-charger and 48lb injectors questions?

    Has anyone ever put a x-charger on a 05-07 rxp with 48lb injectors and a stock ecu? Reason I ask is my buddy gave me some 48lb injectors out of his 13 rxpx and I was wonder if I could run them with a x-charger I just picked up. Or should I just get some 42lb injectors and call it a day, I though if I remembered correctly ppl did not recommend 42lb with a external air to water intercooler for the risk of leaning out? If anyone has run the 48 and a x-charger please post up the results.

    Engine mods to my ski:
    4in kanaflex intake
    External air to water intercooler
    2.5in intercooler piping
    3in rear exit exhaust
    Modded waterbox

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    Your upper range AFR should be in a safe range but your idle will be extremely rich. Some people think 42s are enough. Most people say to add a RRFPR with the 42s. It depends on how comfortable you are with running lean. Some stock machines runs in the 13's for AFR at WOT. The best advice I can give is to put a wideband on it. It's more work but in the end it is the right way to do it.

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    Not with a 04-05 ECU since they are richer than the 06 and up ECUs ,+ you will need EV1 to Denso adapters for the injectors.

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