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    Varying RPM's @ WOT '13-PX

    As the thread title says, I am having a fluctuation of about 100-120 rpm's @ WOT.
    This is my fourth S/C 'Doo, and none before have behaved this way. My mods are in my sig with the exception of running the stock prop until I have impros bend my 15/20 down this winter.

    82f air ,65h, 84 water, 750'MSL. 33 hours on ski. 402 VTech Tune
    Initial max of usually 8120-8150 then after about 20 seconds a max rise to about 8220 with continual variations all while staying hooked up.

    I had the dealer put on a fizzle intercooler and the Riva RRFPR. After that install, I have noticed the issue. I put the hard-pipe kit on recently and checked for leaks, and she is tight as a drum. Varying the FPR to 60psi reduces max RPM's by about 200, and lowering it to about 57 yields almost 8300 still with the variation. It usually indicates about 74-75 MPH on the dash.

    The cooler weather doesn't yield much better performance. In fact, I can pretty much reach the same max RPM throughout the day, a testament to the Fizzle 1000.

    I know I need to log etc, but I need the winter to take the time for the exhaust manifold and drill press dance. I'll buy the Vtech logger in the spring.

    Thanks in advance.

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