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    Bought my first WB1 today. Very happy...and a little perplexed:)

    So for years now I've had a VXR Pro 701 which has been a blast. I even learned to roll it!

    Today I finally found a Waveblaster 1 and that's a BIG deal around here because they are unobtanium. I paid 800 and she's water ready though she is well used. Either way...compression is great...starts right up and rips on the trailer. The guy said he kicked its ass weekly for 4 years now! Love it.

    When I was there I saw it had a pipe and because I was so excited...I didn't even dig into it until I got home.

    So's a Kawasaki pipe with an adapter plate to the 61X. I didn't know this was done. Furthermore...Does the coolant routing look good?



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    Not many WB1 guys here I guess. Well the little POS rips. Pipe sounds amazing and she pulls hard even for all the bottom damage she has.

    Coolant routing is good too. After you crank it up...after about 10 seconds you get a nice stream out of the side while in the water. Very happy with this one!!!

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    good stuff, most wb1 guys are on the x.
    They are a great ski, im just putting a 1200 into one at the moment.
    That pipe will work just fine. whats your plans for it

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    I've had my eyes set on one of these for a while. my neighbor down the block has one that's been sitting in his yard for as long as I can remember. Can't wait to get my hands on it but I promised myself I'd sell another toy first haha

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    Get hold of a wet jet intake manifold and carb its a great little upgrade for that engine

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    I love Blasters. I used to have a Pro VXR also, with a PRO-TEC wake up kit.

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    Another here, loved my old VXR Pro. The Kawi pipes work good on the Yamahas. I'm working on a spacer plate right now to mount a Kawi pipe in my Superjet.

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    With the Pro-Tec wake up kit on the Pro VXR I could beat wave blaster II's in a drag race and on top end, and could hole shot 94 Raiders, but they would pass me once I topped out.

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    The VXR Pro is up for sale locally for a G but they don't hold much value or love. If it doesn't sell..It's going to just stick around as a loaner. The 701 in it is bullet proof.

    I just took the blaster out to the lake this morning in preparation for the gulf of mexico. Plans are to destroy myself this labor day and this winter...tear her apart. Shes a nice 20 footer but the hull needs work. Seriously 800 bucks I've spent in a LONG time!!!!

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    I love my Blaster, built it almost a year ago with the help of Jet Trends in New Port Richey. She has a GP1200 and a 155mm pump, and a full three and a half inch diameter exhaust. Flat out rips! I have it set up for surf riding so it's not a speed demon, mid 50's. But when you hit the throttle it launches!

    I have another B1 with a 760, Factory B pipe and it's a blast to ride also. I still love riding my X2, but the B1 is becoming my favorite.

    Have fun!

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