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    xlt 1200 engine removal tips

    Removing the engine to do a a rebuild, anything goes special I should know before I remove it? I've already removed the exhaust, carbs, exhaust manifold, and all 3 cylinders. I've disconnected the starter wires and other electrical wires. When I take out the 4 bolts to the engine mounts, will the engine come right out? How heavy will just the lower half be since I've removed everything already?

    The ski has 107 hours and the rear cylinder is bad due to a lean issue. Will be rebuilding and rejetting carbs, flame arrestors, wave eaters, do plate etc. I'm going to install all new pistons and rings, should I touch the crankshaft at all? When I put the engine back in, is there any special I should know about?

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    just slide it forward and pull it out. it shouldn't be extremely heavy since you have just the bottom end left.

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    Since you've gotten this far and plan on updates, I'd have the crank checked.Did you find the cause of the lean? Replace seals with OEM.PRESSURE TEST.CrankWorks can check your crank.About putting engine back in,if you assemble engine out of ski you will need a hoist for the extra weight.Put port side exhaust bolts in before installing stinger.I used a wooden block to spring the side of ski enough to get universal socket in to tighten.Lots of great help here.

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