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    Do the 2008 RXP 215 and the 2014 GTI have the -same- motor? Same reliability? Nipple?

    I am ready to upgrade from my 2008 RXP 215 to a new Ski.

    My RXP 215 has been an AMAZINGLY reliable ski. It currently has 401 hours and still ticking.

    I am told that the 2014 GTI 215 has the -SAME- motor as my RXP 215.

    I am told that it has the more reliable internal intercooler, unlike the RXP-x 260, for example.

    Any opinions as to whether this may be true?

    So, can anyone give a quick rundown on which of the 2014 models have this -same- 215HP motor?

    Also, a visible difference, which I see between the motor in my 2008, and the 2014 models is that my 2008 has a 'nipple' that is used to lube the throttle body. I was always pretty religious about taking care of this. I am concerned about not having the ability to perform this very simple procedure on the 2014 models.

    A dealership service manager said that the 2014 throttle bodies open differently this year, and therefor are not as susceptible to corrosion or other bad stuff. He said they open horizontally vs. vertically or something like that. Any thoughts on this would be great as well.

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    For 2014, i believe the only skis with the 215 motor are the GTX limited 215, the GTR 215 and the Wake Pro 215.

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    Geez, 401 hours?! That is Awesome!

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    I'm assuming you mean GTR 215? I don't think there is such thing as a GTI 215.

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    A few things here, 400hrs on a 4TEC engine is impressive but not unique. Your solid maintenence and getting a "good one" has undoubtably had something to do with this. If you had bought two at the same time and treated them exactly the same there would be no guarantee that both would have made 400hrs, so basing your new purchase on this is quite fragile.

    Having said this, you can use the knowledge and experience from us GH guys plus your own to make a more informed choice.

    Reliabillity, safety and low maintenece cost is very impotant but it must be balanced against your performance requirements. It's also fair to say, that in stock form, other than the external intercooler there is little if any reliabillity difference between the entire range (exclude Spark). Again, if you get a well constructed RXPX 260 it could well out last a lazy, poorly constructed GTR 215.

    It is a correct statement that the external IC's have poor quality issues. We know this, but simply swapping this over to the Riva GEN3 is a simple, direct swap with no modification needed. Once this is done (Dealer may install FOC if you buy the IC from him and he gets to sell a new ski) this will outperform the stock IC PLUS be much better than the internal IC by a very long way. So don't let this one component skew your overall choice of ski. (Take a look at the Riva IC in the flesh, it is a thing of beauty. Very well engineered and manufactured. Such a shame you can't really see it when fitted!

    As for the 'nipple', they lost this a while back. Unless you ride heavily in saltwater, throttle body lubrication is a rare maintenece need. Once a year at winterisation I take off the hose and spray directly in. A real 5 min job for all models, except aS skis.

    Remember the base 4TEC engine is the same across the range. The only differences are IC, supercharged or not and ECU programming in essence.

    So make your decision based on what you want it to do for you and then correct the engineering (IC) to deliver the best possible durabillity. Don't be fooled by one exceptional ski.

    Good luck

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    4-tec engines have differences. They have different pistons, (supercharged engines have forged pistons, NA have cast pistons) also the piston crown, and compression ratio are different.

    Also, the PTO covers, camshafts, and ECU's, are different.
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