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    Ways to make 2014 RXP-X or GTI 215 more reliable before first use? Did w/ my '08 RXP.

    If anyone is getting frustrated with my multiple new threads, please forgive me. I tend to be a bit long winded, and I believe multiple shorter posts will be better received, and generate more productive and informative responses.

    So, I am ready to upgrade my 2008 RXP 215. This ski has 401 hours on it. It has been GREAT.

    When I made the decision to buy my 2008 RXP 215 (new) I asked around about things I might have been able to do, before this ski ever hit the water, to ensure reliability and longevity. The two things which were recommended were a blow off valve, and an aftermarket intake grate.

    So, I am asking the same question about each of the two skis which I am currently considering, the RXP-X 260, and the GTI 215.

    What kind of modifications can I make to either of these skis, NOT to improve performance, but STRICYLY to improve longevity and reliability?
    Since the GTI 215, from what I understand, has a very similar engine to my 2008 RXP 215, is it possible that I can install a blow off valve on this ski, like I did with my '08 RXP?

    As far as the RXP-X 260 goes, can that ski be outfitted with a blow off valve? Also, for the RXP-X, for year models prior to 2014, I have seen suggestions along the lines of installing an aftermarket intercooler. However, there are SERIOUS concerns regarding warranty invalidation with aftermarket intercoolers.

    Can anyone attest to any improvements in the 2014 intercoolers on the RXP-X?

    Scoff if you will, but I was also wondering if a key could be programmed to limit the RXP-X to about 200-400 RPM under stock? I know it sounds crazy, and I may not use that 'limited' key ALL the time, but I cannot help but think that the small reduction in maximum RPM may increase reliability over time. And, truthfully, the ski would still be plenty fast enough for me. Possibly couple a blow off valve with that, and get major reliability improvements?

    I read a post about '100 hours of perfection' which talks about an RXP-X at 100 hours. Well, that sounds really nice, certainly better than hearing about 100 hours and a bunch of problems. However, I have 401 hours on my ski. I damn sure BETTER not start having problems with any new $12,000 - $15,000 toy during the first 100 hours.
    I owned 3 SeaDoo skis in the mid to late 1990's. Two 1996 SP's, and then a 1998 SPX. These skis were fun when they were running, but dependability, for me anyway, was TOTAL crap. It was VERY hard sell to get me to go back to SeaDoo in 2008 with my RXP.

    I do NOT intend to take reliability for granted. Not even one red cent worth of reliability. I HATE trailering my ski, and I LOVE being on the water. I would GLADLY trade some performance for reliability. Don't get me wrong, I totally respect all you modders out there. Hell, it would be a total thrill to have a 80-90 MPH ski. But, forgive me, I do not want to mess with it until I hit the lotto and can afford a whole marina full of toys.

    Any thoughts on the above ideas, or any other ideas?
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    If you want to limit RPM on a new S/C ski it sounds like
    you may be better off with a n/a ski.
    The new Yamaha VXR might be worth a look as they have great performance without the S/C worries.

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    Last winter I was in the exact same position as you are. I only use my boat when I'm on vacation in Florida so the need for reliability was even more critical. I wore out the hull on my FZS and I wasn't encouraged by what I was hearing about the reliability of Sea-Doos. I settled on a 2014 RXT-260 but I had about 10 hours of technician time put into the boat before I took delivery to minimize the chance of issues. I was lucky enough to be able to deal with Riva Motorsports in Pompano Beach and here's what I had done:

    1) replace the stock intercooler with a Riva Gen III.
    2) replace the stock pump wear ring with a Riva SST one.
    3) check engine alignment and correct if necessary.
    4) inspect impeller pitch and correct if necessary.
    5) install a manual bilge pump.
    6) perform a thorough water test to ensure all systems are functional.

    I have about 50 hours of salt water use on it so far and it has worked fine but obviously there are no guarantees. I wouldn't worry about running it at peak engine RPM-it is governed by the ECU and has a knock sensing function. The main thing is to run as high of octane fuel as you can get and prep it properly after salt water use.

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    My RXP-X 260 needed to have the engine alignment adjusted - it appears to be an issue. I run in fresh water only so I don't see a need to change the intercooler. Check supercharger slip after 50 hours or so and I won't wait until 200 hours to rebuild the supercharger - it may be around 120 until I do as it will have been 2 years. I check every clamp I can get my hands on once a year to make sure they are tight enough.

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    The T3 Hull on the Rxpx 260 is a machine that rides better the faster you go... So if you plan on riding around slowly, I don't think this would be the machine for you.

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    Not all of us experience such excellent reliability. We have a very favourable riding pattern, mostly long 2hr-6hr trips at 30-35mph, very few runs less than 30 minutes, and I've had a fairly major failure well before 100 hours.

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    I question sometimes if it's not the quality of craftmenship but also/rather the quality of assembly that plays a big factor with regards to the reliability of our machines. My issue appeared related to the latter.

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