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Thread: 00 seadoo GTX

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    00 seadoo GTX

    My friend bought a 00 GTX and a 96 XP. They both ran but the GTX was showing signs of clogging in the fuel systems. I began with replacing the gray fuel line and found the fuel valve was pretty clogged, cleaned that then ended up rebuilding the carbs. It's running very good now but it seems to me that it is spinning out of the hole. When i take off with WOT it will hit the rev limiter. Could it be a bad prop or should the prop be upgraded? Thank for any advice.

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    stock impeller, if in good shape is a VERY good impeller for that machine

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    I'd say the wear ring is probably toast, also the pump seal could be mangled from the last guy that took it apart. The jet pump has to seal to the pump shoe very well. Pull that pump!!!

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    x2 on wear ring, ive got 3 of those gtx and 2 needed the wearing on them. showed same problem, so I went thru the pump and wear ring, for the year and use on mine the pump was very good cond, the wear ring was another story.. its all good now...

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