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    2002 polaris virage 800i DI...lanyard issue.

    i have a 2002 virage I, and the ski is cranking without the lanyard in place....i have an existing no spark issue that i am currently troubleshooting. I noticed that i was still able to crank over the engine without the lanyard in place. it seems that i get the same operation with lanyard in place and without so i was looking at the start/ stop switch as a culprit. but then became concerned about the cranking issue without lanyard.

    is this normal operation and the engine will crank just no spark or is there not to be any voltage applied to entire ski other than to the heads up display?

    i have little kids and i always remove the lanyards when docking or beaching the skis, the kids are always playing on the skis but this is a little worrisome for me if they can still get some operation without the lanyard.

    so could this also be a potential no spark issue that i am trying to track down and the start/stop switch is a main player with the no spark issue that i am having?

    i am a standup ski guy so this is new to me with the engine cranking without a lanyard in place.

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    Virage will crank without lanyard, as I recall.

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