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    RAVE valves oil soaked? Is this normal?

    Hey all,
    Got a pair of 2000 XP' runs great, the other runs not so great! It does this every year and sometimes while on the water, it just "wakes up" and runs completely normal. I've had them for years now and thanks to you all, I've performed all the fuel, elec., etc. maintenance to get them in GREAT condition.
    I'm hoping the RAVE valves are my issue here...I pulled them out and they have minimal carbon deposits but are oil drenched...not dripping oil, but very wet. Is this normal?
    Im going to clean them and fire her up and see if that fixes my problem.

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    cleaned and reinstalled...still running and stalling! GRRRRRRRR
    Next step, checking fuel lines and vents....

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    I'm having a bogging issue with my SPX. I also did all the fuel line replacement and system cleaning but the ski still bogs. I was told by someone on the Seadoo forum that the rectifier could be bad and it directly affects the RPM's. I have purchased a new rectifier and am waiting on it to be delivered later this week. I have my fingers crossed that it fixes this issue. If not, a carb rebuild is next on the list.

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    spx, I would have suggested that you do the carb cleaning/rebuild first.

    CAVPILOT, I think you need to do a serious carb cleaning as well. Do you use ethanol fuel? I'm starting to think that if you do, you might need to get into the carbs a lot more often than you think.

    Both of my '96 XPs this year have been running poorly then "waking up and running normal." Unfortunately, the next time the skis are started, they're running poorly again. At the end of last summer, I had both running perfectly. I filled both skis full (ethanol gas) and used ethanol gas stabilizer. I ran the engines to circulate the stabilized fuel in the carbs and thought that I'd be good for this year. Wrong . Nothing but grief.

    Today, I pulled both pairs of carbs and tore into one of them. I cleaned everything thoroughly with carb cleaner and compressed air paying extra special attention to the microscopic low speed port. These are very, very, very important!!!! They're so small that they can easily clog or get a little gummed up and then they don't flow fuel properly. I'm assuming that CAVPILOT's 951's carbs have the same ports.

    Tomorrow I'll do the second pair of carbs.

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