I didn't imagine my first post being this one, LoL, but my gf and I took the skis out yesterday and she had 2 young girls on the back of hers and I had 1 on the back of mine. Anyways, we went to turn around to pull up to a sand bar, and she killed her ski (2001' Sea Doo GPS 3-Seater). When she did it leaned and instead of her letting go, she held on to it (she didn't know) and the ski rolled over but stayed upside down long enough for me to come over and jump in the water and roll it back up right, I'd say for roughly a minute it stayed like that. I rolled it back over clock-wise and it did crank, but then died immediately. I got the line and had her tow me on my ski, me riding the 01' to the bank. I removed the seat and there was roughly 8" of water in and around the engine. All I could find was am empty beer can which I used to empty all but about 3" of water from it. I opened the air box and it was dry, so I cranked it and it cranked and idled fine, but during acceleration, it's bogging down. Instead of trying to ride it, I just towed it back to the ramp and once on the trailer I opened the drains and let the remaining water out. I'm not familiar with 2-Stroke Rotax engines, so any advice would help greatly. Thanks.... Btw, this is the 718cc engine.