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    2009 RXT 215 - Looking at Sat. Aug 22

    I've been browsing for about a month and joined last week. I like that the brands are covered under one roof and that disagreements do not degenerate into flame wars. There seems to be a very good base of information/experience available.

    I sold my 2001 Utopia Jet Boat and want to purchase a Sea Doo jet ski. I've looked at a couple of used GTX's but nothing to write home about. I'm going to look at a 2009 RXT 215 with 70 Hours. Original owner who says it has been properly maintained, runs and looks good. Asking $7400 on a trailer with cover.

    I've read the 4 Tec sticky on what every owner should know. I'm looking for something reliable, comfortable on a 70+ mile ride on Lake Erie Bays, rivers and occasionally Lake Erie.

    The RXT appears to have the same Hull specs as the GTX so I wonder what is different between the two models?

    Anything else I should look at while it is on the trailer? How about on the test ride?

    I started looking at GTX 155s but this sounds like a nice machine.

    Paul, Sandusky Bay, Port Clinton, OH

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    I'm not sure if I care for the price for a few reasons.

    1. The season is, for arguments sake, over. You live in an area of the country that has a fairly long (and cold) winter. Therefore, you have bargaining power. People do not purchase skis this time of year so prices tend to drop pretty low. Some ski owners need to sell, don't have a place to keep their skis, etc. so that also stacks the odds in your favor.

    2. That ski is going to be 6 years old by the time you're really riding it. Some people will say "maintenance this, maintenance that, they run for 1,000 hours" but you really have no idea what was done to that ski over the past six years. How many times it was left to sit, how many times it was or wasn't properly winterized, etc. You could get a newer ski for $7,400.

    3. I would imagine that ski needs a supercharger rebuild ASAP. I could be wrong, but I'd be willing to bet it has not been done yet. That is going to add $330 in parts to the price of the ski. Now factor in the labor if you can't do it yourself.

    4. Getting into the actual ski, it has the older hull which could be both a pro and a con. You said you'd be looking to ride 70+ miles on Lake Erie so you'd likely want the newer hull. That is personal preference but I think you could find one for at worst, a few hundred dollars more.

    My advice would be to shop around before you make any purchase. For me, price is 95% of it. I have made money off every ski I've owned and that is just how I look at my purchases. If you have any questions, let us know!

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    Thanks SCHNORR12,

    I was thinking the blower should be looked at, I'm guessing $500, so will keep that in mind. I've ridden both the old and new hull and like the S3 ride a little better but not enough to turn down a nice earlier model.

    I'm going to ride it later this morning and see how it goes.

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