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    Milling Stock Head

    Does anyone know how much a stock 66V cylinder head can be milled and still run 93 pump gas? How much milling equals what compression PSI?

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    I don't think it is as easy as just taking some metal off, I think the domes need to be reshaped as well. Get a hold of Jim's Performance on here and have him do it, its like 100 bucks. He is located in the palm harbor area I believe.

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    Its around .050 or so, but you do have to recut the squish bands so it is well worth sending it to someone who knows how to do it. A knowledgeable machinist also knows a better squish angle versus the stock one which really is not the best.
    You can run up to around 145-150 psi on 93 octane fuel, I have several boats in the family that run that compression and use 93 oct.

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