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    345 hours STX 12F - too high to buy?

    I am looking at a 2006 STX 12F. The price seems good ($2800) but it has 345 hours on it. I haven't had a ski for long in the past and don't know when to expect the engine to die. Would you avoid this at all cost, be cautious and have a mechanic look at it before buying, or just look at it critically and if it runs ok and has decent compression, just go with it.

    I used to have a Sea Doo GTI and was pretty happy with it. I don't need to have top performance but want the 3 seater now for my wife and son to be able to ride with me. I will only use it on weekends, probably 8-10 times in the summer and would like something that is pretty reliable. Do you think I will be happy with the Kawasaki?

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    4-strokes generally last a LOT longer than 2-strokes between overhauls.

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    Check the guide in my signature to check out common issues and fixes. Otherwise just do a once over on it to see how it looks. If you want to post pictures up we would happily take a look. Mine was faultless until 260 hours when some bad gas ruined 2 injectors, a fuel pump, and the pressure regulator.


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    Another tip when looking at any personal watercraft is to look at the color of the engine. On 4-Strokes also look and see if the color of the head is different than the bottom end. The point of all this is to see if it's an SBT motor(Or head), as they paint them a few shades off of OEM. Now some will say this isn't a bad thing, some will. Point is, make sure the owner tells you that so you know if you have full disclosure of the unit...

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    345 hours definitely isn't end of life (as long as it was taken care of). I have a 15f with 480 hours and it still runs great and I don't really take care of it all that well. I do oil changes once a year and rev the engine after each ride. Other than that, it just does it's thing. I just got back from riding it for a week at Lake Powell and never had a hiccup with it. I don't see any reason why these engines wouldn't run well over 500 hours.

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    I would not hesitate to buy a 12F or 15F with 350+ hours, so long as the ski looks like it was well taken care of. $2800 is super cheap. Just do the once over as Sean has recommended, and if it looks good, buy it!


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    No problem--just look at rentals. 900-1000 hours on all of them. My dealer tech told me that he was a Kawi factory training school a couple of years ago and they said the 4 strokes are good for 1500-1800 hours if maintained properly. 2 strokes a fraction of that.

    If there are good service records and maintained properly go for it.

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