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    laughlin nv

    Aug 30 and 31, will be riding the River again. Any takers?

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    ride it like you stole it!!! raceneked's Avatar
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    would love to, but I must work the holiday...

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    I'd like to hit the river too but not 100% sure yet about work that weekend Plus, may or may not get involved with a casino "pool party/day club" somewhere here in Vegas

    Oh yea....and I hit a fukn boulder with my hull today in the I got that shit to tend to also. WTF

    EDIT: Parker "strip" is prettier ride. Boat chop will suck weherever though, plus lots of other inexperienced riders all over

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    Dang.. wish I saw this post sooner.. Me and the wife love to ride Laughlin to Pirates Cove .. thats a great ride !
    We are long over due for a river run ! But Annual Ultimate Seadoo Owners Ride IV coming up on Oct 11th !

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    The ride was Awesome! We left Laughlin around 8:00A.M. No one, I mean no one was on the water. Glass all the way to Pirates cove. lunch and some fun at the cove then it was time to head back.

    Man oh Man was that last 2-3 miles at around 3:00p.m. back to Laughlin NV ruff. literally 20-30 watercraft on all sides of you at all times going all directions not following any rules of the water at all. What a mess. I can't even explain how stressed I was. The wife said never again, on a holiday weekend. About an hour+ wait to trailer the skis as well.

    during our hour at the dock, the Cops were writing tickets to everyone for anything they possibly could. A guy's Ski was broke and they had it tied to the dock. right in front of me he told his son to grab the sunscreen out of the glove box and the kid put one foot on the ski and reached into the box to get the sun screen. kid took his foot off the ski, and boom, 3 officers was there interrogating him for stepping on that ski without a life jacket. poor little guy was traumatized. I saw them write at least 3 more tickets to people for every reason under the sun.

    It was sad to see this nice older couple getting a 110 dollar ticket because his fire extinguisher, the needle was on the line between green and the red.(this was under debate, because depending on how you tilted the extinguisher it could be green or could be red) Obvious though, that it was a newer fire extinguisher, but for what ever reason, they insisted on the ticket instead of a warning. To be honest, I was disgusted with the actions of those water police at the dock. It was Sad to see them writing tickets for "Revenue" at the dock, rather then ticketing those not following the rules on the water. It was sad to see 1st hand "Ticketing for Revenue" to meet their budget quota at the end of the month.

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