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    2006 GTX Limited 215 - wont throttle up past 20mph...

    First off, this is not my ski. It is a ski that I almost bought but instead passed the deal onto a buddy so I could buy the 2007 Wake GTX I found after telling the owner of this 2006 GTX Limited that I would buy it and giving him a deposit. Therein lies my moral obligation to try and get this thing up and running! Ski has 42 hours total on it.

    Starts up and idles great. I was told it would not go past 15-20 mph.

    First thing I did was look at the intake grate and impeller. Nothing to note. Clear and wear ring and impeller pristine.

    Next thing I did was power it up. All was ok. No warnings and no abnormal beeps. Fired it up and it seemed to run perfectly at idle for 15 seconds. No noises, no sputtering, all cylinders seem to be firing. I don't have a compression guage so I can't do that just yet.

    Next, I pulled the plugs and here's what they look like. Kind of rusty IMHO.

    Pulled boot off SC and all seemed tight, although there was a little bit of an oily substance in there. Seemed a little gritty, too.

    I'm replacing the spark plugs and then I'll give it some revs and make sure that the SC is producing boost. Pretty sure it will be doing the job.

    How do I know if (not what codes, just IF) codes are set? Do I need a Candoo or Buds for that?

    Edit: Just occurred to me, are the intercoolers on the 2006 GTX Limited prone to leakage? Could it be that this ski ingested water (hence the rusty plugs) from a leaking intercooler? Is it worth the 15 minutes to pull the IC and vacuum test it?

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    If the plugs are that rusty your cylinder walls are in not better shape. You need to find out how the water got in the engine before anything else.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Has the ski been in long term storage? .. they don't like sitting for extended periods of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saxwinder View Post
    Has the ski been in long term storage? .. they don't like sitting for extended periods of time.
    It sat for a loooong time prior to my friend's purchase. However, it ran like a raped ape for 23 hours after that. I had the SC rebuilt at 18 hours and even before I ever put it in the water. I'm trying a set of plugs first and we'll see what happens.

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    Good Luck !

    You mentioned it yourself a compression test will help rule out lots ..... If sat for a long time ,and I mean a long time... even though it ran well ... It can lead to premature failure of bearings,rings etc


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