2002 xlt 1200 with about 205 hours. Riding it the other day, it shutdown at high speed. restarted fine and seemed to run ok, but later on started missing and running poorly below 4000 rpm. Top end speed seemed fine in low 50's but I mostly took it easy and got it home. Ran compression test on it: #1 115, #2 115, #3 5-10 . (#1 is towards the bow, #2 middle, #3 towards the stern- I believe this is the correct numbering scheme).

It has about 5 hours on it since the cat fell apart (exhaust warning error prompted the exhaust tear down), was replaced with d-plate and chip, oetiker clamps on oil hoses,no other changes. Still has oil injection. Compression test at the time of d-plate was 110-115 cold across all 3. One thing I do not understand is testing the power valves: when I watch the power valves cycle, I only see the #3 cylinder seem to move- the linkage to #2 and #1 never moves. Are all 3 power valves supposed to move in synch, or is there some delay or sequence ? If I do not see any movement on #1 and #2, does this indicate the #3 power valve is destroyed along with piston and cylinder ? Nothing has been torn down yet: if I can get the cyl head off without removing the exhaust I would do that. Looking through the spark plug hole with a cheap fiber optic scope seems to show some scoring but my scope is horrible and its hard to see.