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    Need advise on brand new fx svho

    Hi to all .
    I'm sorry because this is going to be long , so here is the deal last week I bought a 2014 fx cruiser svho and I'm in love,it does everything I ask from a ski and more and since we are a family of 4 we decided to get another fx svho with the same dealer because everything went very smoth on the first transaction now on the day that I was going to pick up the second ski the dealer call me and told me the ski was damage but that everything was just cosmetic and they were going to repair it and will be ready in 3 days after 3 days they call me and say its fix so I went to pick up the ski and everything seams normal 0 hours no scratches looks brand new and sexy took it home and took it to the river go brake the engine the only thing I notice is the other ski seams to turn sharper and stays on course better but I dint really though much about it two days pass and the dealer call me and ask ITS EVERYTHING OK WITH THE SKI and I though that was odd they didn't call me to check went I bought the first one but they are worry about this one " maybe there was something more than just a cosmetic on top of the deck scratch " so I tell them it just rides different Thant the other and they say bring it in and we will fix it so now I don't know if it's just in my head or it's really a difference and there is something wrong with it the only thing I'm worried is the hull because the engine it's perfect and had cero hours when I pick up its there a way it can check the hull to see if it was more Thant cosmetics and what will you do if you were in my shoes thanks for reading

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    Jeez, have you ever heard of a period? LOL

    I think you are way overreacting. I think the dealer called because the ski had been damaged prior to you picking it up, and they wanted to make sure everything is ok. If you feel the machine is fine I wouldn't take it in.

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    Jeez, have you ever heard of a period? LOL

    Man Your Bad....

    If Your not happy with Your ski Take it Back, I doubt the scrapes,bruises, etc will cause the ill handling.

    I would thoroughly check over Your ski for loose or missing components, that you will find is the culprit

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