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    2001 GP 800 runs great but slow out of the hole for first 25' Any suggestions?

    Want to sell but I'd like to fix this first. Compression is 130 in each cylinder. New plugs, proper gap, good seal.... It reves up but takes 25' or so before it bites and takes off. Once going, it can hit 50s with no problem. No porposing, starts right up.....

    ....with the exception of this problem, it run as well as it did on day one. 250 hours. It's had 2 carb kits, last one was a few years back.

    Any suggestions? I'm sure this has been posted before but I'm not finding it in a search. Thanks!!!

    JZ. Lake of the Ozarks.
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    Bump. Any suggestions? I really appreciate it. Thinking it's going to have to go the the local Yamaha dealer for diagnosis.

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    Is the prop spinning but you are not getting out of the hole? That would mean you need to seal the pump, a plug kits and sealing the intake shoe to the transom plate will eliminate the cavitation if you are "spinning" out of the hole. There is a sealing strip across the bottom of the transom plate that seals to the pump shoe(the thing the grate bolts to). That seal gets blown out real easy and needs to be replaced (removed actually and replaced by) and sealed up with something like 3M 5200 fast cure caulk.

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    thanks!! Yes, it feels like it is spinning, reves up quite a bit. Once it gets going, runs great. I'll give it a try next.

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