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    Deans Team and Yamaha dominate National tour

    Big congrats the Dean Charrier and team for winning not just one but all 3 Pro runabout classes for you guys that race you know how much work and how difficult this is not only to win one but all 3. Yamaha/Deans Team also won a few other titles with Travis and Blake winning novice titles

    Dean and Patrick (others also) worked there butts off this year and it shows Troy Snyder finished second in what I think is the best and toughest class, stock class. This class is full of great riders and boats and was a very close battle all year. Yamaha finished 1 and 2 in stock class and was very close to a full sweep with Brian 4th

    so for all you guys that think Yamaha is just for going fast in a straight line in smooth water may want to think again. If you ever get the chance to ride a Yamaha set up by Deans team you will understand what great handling and acceleration really is. He is the best at setting up and tuning boats.

    Good luck at the world finals to all you Yamaha guys should be fun

    Pro Runabout Open: Aero AswarPro Runabout Stock: Aero AswarPro-Am Runabout Limited: Aqsa Aswar Runabout N/A Spec: Robert Greenwald

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    Freakin AWESOME,
    congrats to Deans Team and Yamaha!

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    Great Job to all racers that run with Deans team

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    What race was this and where?

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    it was the national tour, all year long....

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