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    XL 700 Fuel question

    Brand new to the forums but not to skis. I recently acquired a 2003 XL 700 from a friend of mine that has been sitting in his yard for the past 6 years. There have been about 10 people working on this thing and tearing into it over the years so it was kind of like putting a puzzle back together but I am almost there. My question is I am tracking a run away engine issue (another issue) and while doing this I noticed what looks to be the fuel lines hooked up backwards. I have the shop manual but it does not have a great pic. My question is when standing on the left side of the ski (side with the petcock) looking down at the carbs he has the fuel line hooked up to the right side feeding the second carb and the pulse line feeding the carb on the left. Can someone verify this for me? It looks that the fuel line should be feeding from the left as there is a hose that goes to both carbs. Ski runs but has the dieseling issue that I now need to track down.

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    Post a picture and I'll look at my ski for you and post a picture

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