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    BEST warranty questions..??

    Looks like I may have some computer issues, sport mode was "deactivated" on me today and never let me get back into it, never acknowledged my pushing in mode/set buttons...anyway...there is a year left on warranty, I just bought this ski from original owner...should I pretend I'm him? its not registered to me yet, does that matter? I dont want to give dealer any reason to get out of responsibility..I'm also wondering if there are any other common items I should have fixed while there..the rear hatches let water in like crazy, their reply was to add some weatherstripping, paint has come off quite a bit on the back of motor, pretty much where you cant see and/or spray down with water and brp spray...think they'll do anything about these items? .thanks for any help!!

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    Replacing the rear doors will not fix it. The best (not to be confused with BEST warranty) way to fix it is add the weather stripping, just not too thick or the doors will not latch. Call the owner and have him transfer the warranty or take your proof of owner ship to a dealer and have them transfer it.

    Not sure why your sport mode will not work....

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    I've gotten many skis fixed under warranty and they were not on my name.
    They warranty the ski not the owners of the ski.

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