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    Angry Fresh carbs New issue

    First it's a 97 XP with 787 So I did a full rebuild on my carbs gaskets, needle and seat, diaghpram etc...... Well I finally got it in the water today and it idles fine but will bog at ANY throttle. Now it has a pump primer on that gives the carbs a squirt of gas if I pump it and hold throttle open it will run fine at WOT... I'm thinking low speed adjustments are off??? I did the 1 and 1/4 turns out when I installed them.

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    What is your pop off psi ?


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    Well I think that's where I messed up in the rebuild kit I had like 3 different springs so I changed them......DUMB! So I changed spring pop off was about 35psi issue was better but not fixed. So today I changed them to 25psi springs and will be trying that tomorrow. I also have tried adjust the low speed screws and it really doesn't seem to make a difference.

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    Set everything to fact specs. highs closed, lows 1.75 turns out from closed.
    1997 XP 787 270500333 270500329 BN-40I (SB) MAIN-(MAG - 142.5 PTO - 147.5) PILOT-65 1.5 270500313 28 - 48 LOW- 1-3/4 HIGH- 0 ACCEL PUMP ON PTO CARB

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