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    2007 ultra250x backfire

    Hello everyone , my second post , been riding my 250 today 153 hours all stock . after loading to head home i ran my ski for about 10 seconds to clear water from engine etc . decided to restart for a second time, to check all water out , and i had a backfire (first time ) after home i restarted and after about 10 seconds it died . i removed seat and found what seem to be exhaust gases . anyone have this before, want stay running at all unless give alittle gas . started checking for hose connection that my have blown off with the backfire . ⛽️may pull backseat area off to check areas towards back of ski . any info a plus and thanks for the post .

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    check all exhaust hosing they have been known to blow out over time.

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    Sorry for slow follow up, pulled rear seat section amd found hose not connected to muffler , checked all other hoses and adjust ones found loose , ski runs great , but will check on lake Saturday ,?thanks for info ��

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