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Thread: New ski?

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    New ski?

    So I went to the dealer today and was told the Bombardier warranty is now only 1 year.. With an optional ($1100) extended warranty.. But the Bombardier website still shows 3 years through 9/9 .. How can this be.. ? There not coming off price much at all.. Claiming low inventory.. 😡

    Anybody that recently purchased a 2014 RXP-X care to share with me their deals.. PM or publicly?

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    It is still considered a current year model so there will not be any smoking deals on a 14.....Try to find a left over 13 if you want a smoking deal, or wait till 15 if you need the red color, then pick up a left over 14....

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    3 year B.E.S.T. Warranty is still valid so it should be included. Might have just been a uninformed employee you got stuck dealing with.

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