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    rxpx weird reaction to wave jump

    Hey guys, had the 12' px out on the lake today and there was some pretty decent swells. Sooo of course I decide to go for lift off and it soo happens when straight up and down returning to the water the front storage hood flies open!! And over extends busting the nose of the hood where it comes to a point( the plastic point chipped a piece out and split down the middle) as well where the hood blots to the hinge(lack of better word) it split there too! Soo looks like a whole new hood? As well my display was now reading 68 degrees f!?!? Which was in the big display where the speed is. After riding for a few mins it started reading depth(I have the depth module installed) so how and why did it read degree F. And what are your thoughts on the hood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12px View Post
    the front storage hood flies open!!

    Couple of weeks ago I had my hood fly open after coming down hard from a double-set (cross swell chop). Now that our surf season is starting, I'm concerned this will become a big issue.

    I've placed two Hydroturf pieces in the back corner where the hood comes down (placed where the OEM black tape is on hull). This has helped to lower the side-to-side rocking the hood does. Unfortunately, its not adjustable like the old SD's were with the pin/latch.

    The storage bin in front of seat has also flown open at random times when ridden hard...but not as bad as my friends PX. His pops open every time we ride.

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    We lock any wave/surf ski lids and seats down with additional straps.
    I have seen the hoods unlatch or even rear seats and if u ghosti the ski and a wave hits it with lid or seat off its Under....
    Just my 2 cents...

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