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    Seadoo 787 rossier set up?

    So, let's start with what I have.

    97 GTX, all stock exept for a wcm jet and filter kit.

    So, proks, 75 low jets, 145 highs, 95gram spring 2.0 needle and seat. I was 1 1/4 out on lows and 3/8 out on pto high 1/8 out mag high. This gave me a nice coffe and cream color to my plugs and good throttle response all around. Peek Rpms were 6800-6900 with fresh rebuilt pump and impeller from impros.

    I have now added a rossier pipe to this set up. After looking for jetting specs I see that rossier reccomended 75 lows 1 1/2 turns out

    145 pto 1 1/4 out and 140mag ( smaller than stock )1 1/4 out. 2.0 ns with 95 gram spring. No mention of what flame arrestor they used. I figured my current jetting would be close.

    Left my jets as they were and went out to the lake, set the lows to 1 1/2 and my highs I went 1 1/2 pto and 1 on mag.

    Idled for a few min, watching temps all looked good. Pulled plugs and they are a light chocolate. After warming up at idle I have her a few idle to 1/3 throttle snaps, all good there. Continued onto idle to 1/2 throttle snaps, still good. Good response no hesitation or bogs.

    Took her out to ease into some high speed runs while watching the temps still running cool, 78* water and motor running 80-84*.

    Water was abit choppy so I only got her up to about 6800 rpm. After doing a full throttle plug chop my pto plug was a cardboard/ coffee n cream color. While the mag was a grey/white.

    Gave it another 1/2 a turn on the mag high, plug choped again and still grey. Went another 1/2 turn, now 2 1/4 out and it's still grey.

    Is my fuel pump giving out ? What else would cause the mag to be lean? Other than carbs, they are freshly rebuild, all new fuel lines. Fuel selector bypassed, using res on the pickup.

    Also, rossier mid pipe has a 100 jet under the 1/2" cooling line. I have a taped the stinger to use a 1/4" hose barb with a 140 jet, no jet works yet. And the water box plugged and regulator removed.

    As of now my rear exhaust hose is getting a little to warm for comfort, I will hard jet the water box with another 140 jet to help keep the hose cool.

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    There is no engine temp. You have lake temp and environment (air) temp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wire4Money View Post
    There is no engine temp. You have lake temp and environment (air) temp
    Had to look that one up, I thought it was engine temp.

    Last time I was in Parker, it was 114* and my e temp was reading 76.

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    Do you use 93 octanes?

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    I run 91, still running stock compression 150/150

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    Do you from canada? I recommand use 94 octanes petro canada or use oil sinto perfoma with octanes 130 inclued! I used this pipe two year ago...
    Do you clean your carburator ?

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    California, us.

    And if I remember right our 91 = Canadian 94

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    Yes carbs were rebuild and cleaned out.

    Putting a skat trak 17/22 on tonight and heading to the lake again tomorrow.

    Just pulled and cleaned out the carbs again to make sure. Still trying to decide if I should drop the mag high jet to a 140... It just seems odd that a aftermarket pipe would require a smaller jet than stock.

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    I don't like skat trak 17/22 swirl, because this impeller overload the engine...overload =heat =deto ...the best impeller is solas concord 15/23 (my opinon and also impro)....140 main is more rich than stock because you low pop off pressure with 2.0 n.s....
    No 91 octanes is same thing than us....use 93 min with lucas octanes or sinto 130....
    I got issue deto with rossier &91 octanes to 7200 rpm
    I recommand put 110 to mid pipe because you have un gtx...
    Keep your waterbox dry.....put 160 to stinger

    R.e pipe is build for re pipe with flame arrestor

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    Had a little bit of a restriction on the mag carb fuel return. Cleaned it out with a pipe brush and carb cleaner.

    Reset my screws to 1 1/2 lows and 1 1/4 highs. Heading to the lake in the morning with a hand full of springs/jets.

    Hoping to be bouncing off rev limiter before I leave the lake.

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