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    XL 760 carburation problem

    Hello to all and sorry if i put this in the wrong place

    Hope any one can help me with my problem

    i have just rebuild the carbs on my XL760 reazon to do this it was not running as great as it used to do

    i put the oem settings on the H/L needles carbs but there is no way i can make it idle from what i read the settings are for the L on bouth carb 5/8 of a turn is that right???? adn for the H carb 1 (front) 5/8 carb 2 1-1/8

    i am able to start it using the choke and full throtle after that i release the choke and when i release the throtle it just dies can it be that it is not getting enought fuel??? what do you recomend

    i have to believe that the jets are the stock i have never replace them

    is there a way to test each carb separte??? i was planing on taking the sparkplug form one of the ciliders off and run to do some test and try to adjust each carb separated do you recomend that??

    one more hing i try to start it in idle with he chocke on and it dosnt do any difrence

    thanks for your help

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    the engine will run (if it runs at all) lke shit if you try to run it on one cylinder. Did you use genuine carb kits? My waveraider 760 doesnt run when set to the OEM high and low settings. You just need to play around with them to see wher ethey start. You may have dramatically changed your pop off pressure using the springs that came with the kit. Swap your old springs back in and try again.

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    Thanks for the info ill go ahead and start working on that.

    But i still have one question

    at the moment i am tryign to make this little thing work on idle i guess this is the first step to make it all work (tun the carbs)

    But how can i know if one of the cilinders ir running lean or flooding??? any advice on that??

    Thanks again and one more thing i just got my hands on the real yamaha xl760 service manual and the stock settings for the carbs ara for L 1-3/4 and for the H 1/2 same for the two carbs i repeat that is what the manual says

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    Could possibly have a leaking carb base gasket. Also, my 760 has the gold 115gr springs in it. If you used the ones in the kit, pop off has changed. Like the earlier advice, check your springs.

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