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Thread: 92 XP Pistons

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    92 XP Pistons

    I tore into a 92 XP over the weekend after not being able to start - it came down to a comp check. I could only get about 110psi out of each cylinder. Whats the lowest comp level and still have one of these start?

    I took out the pistons and there was some decent scoring on the piston and cylinder walls right under the ring gaps on both upper and lower rings.

    The pistons said "Made in Austria" on the inside - are these the stock pistons (the engine does look original)??? Thanks!!

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    Could be original... measure them and compare to stock bore dimensions...
    I've seen rotax engines with 90 psi start just fine OUT OF THE WATER, but anything under 100 PSI is very hard to get started in the water. I've seen them run for 2-3 more seasons with 110ish compression numbers...

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