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    1996 Seadoo GTX won't run past 5500rpm

    I am having some issues with my GTX. It won't run out to 7000rpm. It used to do and then randomly wouldn't. Now it is getting more and more frequent that it normally won't.

    I have done the following

    -New Fuel lines - (Grey Tempo lines are gone)
    -Rebuilt carbs - Seadoo brand kit
    -Wear ring - Seadoo brand
    -New fuel filters
    -New old filter
    -New rectifier
    -New plugs
    -New battery
    -New driveline oil
    -Compression checked out at 140 on both cylinders (good)
    -Starts up and runs great

    Battery shows 12v and when I start it up it show 13v. Any ideas? It hits the 5500rpm level and then does small surges like it wants to go faster.

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    Low speed and high speed needle settings?


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    Needles are set to the factory specs. Since at times it runs out properly I doubt it is fuel issue.

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    Definitely not a low speed adjustment..that's idle shit.

    Does it rev out on the trailer? Timing slipped? jet pump issues?

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    What about pop off???

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    clean the raves..assuming it's a 787 motor that is....

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    I cleaned the raves. The Low was set to 1 turn out, but i backed it down to 1/2 turn. It was getting flooded at a full turn and now starts and runs perfect.

    It has not been revving up even without load on the trailer.

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    Try trimming back the spark plug wires and making sure all your fuel lines are going to the correct barb on the fuel tank. If you get your head right in there with a flashlight, you can see that the fuel tank is marked with where each fuel line should go.

    I would even disconnect the red wire on the new rectifier and run it for a bit just to confirm it isn't the rectifier causing issues.

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    It ran great after all of the work for about 4-6 hours. Then the issue popped up again. Why not just new plug wires?

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    Trimmed the wires and put new plugs gapped to .020. Starts instantly without choke. Won't pull out over 6000rpm on trailer.

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