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    Slow Starting RXP

    I have a 06 RXP and am having trouble starting it i have to press the start button 4-5 times before it starts. It turns over but never stays running im not sure if its a battery issue or a bad selinoid ?

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    ...Or a bad ground wire.

    If battery is over 2 years old I would remove it and take it in an auto parts store for a "load test" check. If good, run a temporary jumper cable from battery ground to engine ground. If good, feel the battery cables at both ends for heat. This is a sign they need replacing, not passing enough amps.

    Generally, if its a bad solenoid, it will either disengage while cranking or barely click.

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    Might be a bad idle control valve.......

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    just crack the throttle a little to check the IBV
    low fuel psi can also cause your problems
    a 10 year old oem fuel pump has to be on or near its last leg
    also the in tank filters could be plugged

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