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    head gasket NPV vs PV

    the Yamaha part list shows that the head gasket for the 2003-4 models is a different # than the NPV 2005+ that I have ( the part # ends in 00 for the PV and 10 for the NPV ) . SBT shows all models to have the same part #, the one ending in 00. Any ideas as to who Is right and why there is a difference in the head gasket when the head is the same ?

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    He's talking about the 1300r.

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    I think they are the same except the 05-08 has better cooling. WFO knows maybe he will chime in

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    yes i am talking about the GP1300R. The NPV engines are 2005+. Does that mean that the coolant passages are larger and that is the difference ? I could see that being the difference and in that case I should not use the SBT one ? The part # does not supersede on the list for 2003-4. They have the one ending in 00. Looking at the listing for the cylinder head, the NPV also has a different part # than the PV one.

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