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Thread: 97 xp no spark

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    97 xp no spark

    I have read through a few of the threads on how to diagnose no spark and could not locate a rear box on this ski? I will get my ohm meter and check the coil for resistance later tonight, checked all fuses (except the rear box). Its just the VTS module back there.
    Ski was running fine, bogging here and there so I replaced the grey fuel lines and cleaned the carbs since it was obviously an issue and now I cant get it to fire. Cranks fine, battery is fully charged. But I don't see spark when I take out the plug while grounding them at cranking.
    Compression is over 150 on both cyls.
    Any suggestions?


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    Did you check engine grounds?

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    i did not. How many connections for ground are there?

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    I am wondering where the engines grounds are too. I replaced my starter but am getting a crank over for a second then stop. Over and over.

    So you checked the fuses in the very front. Only 3 are used. The other 3 spots are for spares. Did you check the sealed box where the spark plug wires come from? The starter solenoid is in there. I had to replace the solenoid this spring. It was dry in there but had several loose screws and some corrosion that I cleaned off. Man I don't know of any fuses in the rear. Have you tried the system check? Press the start button six times with the key off and count the beeps. Should tell you if there is a problem. One beep and all is supposed to be good....that is if your beeper still works. There's a good thread for that issue too.
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    for 97 xp's I've found the problem is typically the mpem connectors the one that triggers the igntion coil burns off form corrosion increasing resistance and creating an arc. Burns the pin right down to the base.

    the front electric vault is also a problem area, especially if the gasket isn't installed correctly.

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    Also, the '97's are known for the MPEM failing. Ohm out the stator yellow wires. Less than 1 ohm between any two of them and no readings to ground. Those stators commonly corrode the wires off at the attachment point on the backside of the stator.

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