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    Carburetor issues? 1997 SL900 & 1999 1200 SLX

    Hi Guys, been here before - I have two polaris ('97-900 & '99-1200 slx)

    I rebuilt the top end of the 1200 over the winter and it was screamin' for the first half of the summer. Then it started running very rough and went down hill from there.

    I bought a triple carb re-build kit and rebuilt the carbs. when I put them together, I noticed that there were several different springs for the needle, when i put in the largest one - the spring would not allow the needle to open, so I put in the smaller one.

    The ski starts up (I have it out of water with a flush kit - running water through it, so as not to burn it up...), but, won't idle, if I keep just a scosh (sp?) of pressure on the throttle, then it will idle - when I try to adjust the idle screw even just a 1/16 of a turn (there are only two ?), it will idle, but, after giving throttle, will idle high

    I don't have a tach and the mfd has been dead for years (in fact, I had to disconnect it after doing the top-end rebuild to have it start-(as recommended in a post here in GH)).

    Any ideas? there is only a few weeks left of the season and I would love to get them out one or two more times!!!


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    Btw, I did the rebuild on the 900 as well - and interestingly - it has the same problem.



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    Also, I'm looking for a couple of good MFD's for both of these ski's, anyone have a couple laying around I can buy? I would love to be able to see how fast they're going (gas, oil, rpm etc. (when I get them working again)).

    Thanks to let me know if you have any ideas on the carb issue or mfd's.



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    Perhaps you need to put the original springs back into the carbs.

    Were the carb rebuild kits genuine OEM or cheap aftermarket kits?

    Good condition MFD displays are hard to find without paying strong prices. The MFI display from the Virage/Genesis series can be adapted to hook up electrically. With some ingenuity the larger MFI display can be mounted below the steering area. See my signature links for more info, in the MFD section.

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