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    Seadoo spark turbo 185hp vs rxp?

    Hi there!

    Here in Sweden we got a company who are selling a spark turbo with 185hp!! (The 3 seat model)

    Most of my friends are riding Rxp 215's

    IF you guys would guess, do you think I can hold up with the rxp if I go with the turbo spark?

    /Greetings from Sweden!

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    No idea about the answer to your question but I wanna see a video

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    I'm guessing a V-Tech built turbo Spark?

    If it's tuned right, and is truly 185 HP..... I don't think anything will out hole shot that! However..... as soon as you hit a wave on that thing, it's all over!

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    My turbo rips a 260 rxpx until about 90 kmh

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    Thx for the answers, nerver been ridin a spark, is it really that worthless in chop? Today Im riding a Seadoo Rx 2002 (kinda not fun when the wind is coming)

    I can have a brand new Gtr 215 for the same price, with warranty (no warranty on the turbo spark) :/ do you think I will have more fun bying a Gtr?

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    No it's not that worthless in the chop. Just a different ridding style and effort. I ride standing up. I often chase boats and spend time jumping their wake. I can't do that on the RXT.

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