In late June, The Watercraft Journal let you know about the Van Beek’s Flip For Emerson GoPro Weekend – a couple of days of great freeride action scheduled for July 11-13th at Van Beek’s Landing, Hanford, CA. But it wasn’t about the backflips, can-cans or underflips that drew people in from several states away. We managed to talk with freerider Pete McAfee who let us know the very touching story behind this honorable and worthwhile event:

He explained: “This little angel is Emerson Meredith. Her father Josh and I were good buds growing up and roommates for about three years after high school. Last year, on June 17, Josh’s wife, Samantha took Emerson to the pediatrician because she had bruises that wouldn’t go away, a 101 fever that kept popping up every few days, a stomach ache and she was looking pale and tired.

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