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    Repairing bad piston on 1999 1200 carb genesis

    I need to replace piston and hone cylinder on pto end. Question can this be done without removing entire engine? If so how? I cannot see how I can access the inside bottom cylinder head bolts. The other 2 cylinders are good so was hoping to just remove and replace piston on single cylinder.

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    The exhaust manifold must be removed, and a special offset wrench or possibly a narrow crowfoot wrench is needed to get at the inner nuts for the cylinder base.

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    Did you hole the piston? If so... there will be a lot of aluminum bits in the lower crank bearing area for that cylinder. Happened on my 1200. I was glad I tore the engine apart to flush the crank bearings and clean up the mess after seeing it all apart. Though some just slap a new piston on and go...


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    ok thx for replies

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