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    Oil or not the air filter ?

    Hello everyone

    Could you tell me if it helps to lubricate the air filter on a JET?
    I speak of filter-type R & D

    Using a pre-filter sock it enough?

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    The oil helps trap minut particles

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    Also restricts air flow, not sure where you ride but there's not much dust on the water

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    That's what gets me. Outboards have run for how many years without an air filters?

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    thanks guys for your answer !:yay2:

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    I take this thread to ask for pictures of your vents bunker for your VXR .
    you use water traps ?

    Very big thanks and sorry for my little english ( i'm french )

    for information , i break the 100mph on water , but with the RC BOAT , lol ....

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    holy ssheet.....that thing is movin....mount a gopro to it...

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    There is so much debris a junk that gets trapped inside you ski hull, DEF put a filter on it...

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