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    2002 Waverunner XLT 800 Performance Issues

    Just bought a used 02 XLT 800 (first ski we have ever owned). It has around 130 hours on it and hasn't been used in the past year. It starts and runs but when we put it in the water for the first time tonight it is having issues. See below:
    • It is very hard to start and only starts when holding the throttle wide open.
    • Engine compartment has lots of smoky fumes when starting (not sure if this is normal or not)
    • The ski starts moving slowly if you open the throttle wide (approx 5mph) and stalls when you let off the throttle. It is constantly bogged down and never goes faster than 5mph.
    We have replaced the spark plugs and added fresh fuel with no success. I am guessing we have carb issues or something else. There is also a small bit of oil in the bottom of the engine cavity.

    Any ideas before we start tearing it apart?

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    Check compression. Replace fuel lines, clean selector, rebuild carbs(Mikuni kits).

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    I checked the compression and it is good. Fuel lines and filter seem fine. What do you mean by cleaning the selector?
    Could there be an issue with the power valves?

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    What is your compression? What color are your fuel lines? The fuel selector that changes res, on and off could be clogged. Smoke in your hull is not good. Your exhaust is probably leaking and perhaps reducing oxygen to carbs. Check your expansion chamber and hoses.

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    We just got done tearing the carbs apart and they are fine. Compression is perfect. Checked the expansion chamber and it is fine. Fuel lines are green and appear to be fairly new. I cleaned the selector and it is now turning easier. Our latest theory is that the crankcase is leaking and that is what is causing the "smoke" which is actually unburnt fuel/oil/air mix. Any tips? It starts and runs but is very rough and the hull fills up with fumes.

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    Is there some kind of crank seal that could be bad? I definitely think we are getting unburnt fumes from somewhere. This would also explain the bit of oil in the bottom of the hull.

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    check the boot on the stinger usually they break where the water pisser branches off of it. Hard to see but look around the pisser exit.

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    There is a crank seal, that could be your issue. It explains the smoke and the engine not being able to maintain idle.

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    smoke in the hull, that should be your 1st concern. not good. Find the exhaust leak ASAP, then see how she's running.
    Does it idle fine after starting? might be low.

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    Found the issue: hole in the bottom of the crankcase. It appears that the cylinder had been replaced and they just welded the hole in the case and it didn't last. What are our options? Can I buy the crank case by itself or should I find a used engine for parts?

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