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    JetSki Rental in Lake Havasu ?

    Hello, I'm from 20.10 to 26.10 in Lake Havasu. Anyone here be rented jet skis for 2-3 days? The Yamaha VX are too slow for me

    What would that cost? Request for Offers. many thanks

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    There's a member here who works around the lake up in that area. I PM'ed him for you. Hopefully he'll have some info for you and will post it here.

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    I am up on lake Mead ( about 2 hours north of Havasu), and there are skis at Hemenway marina that may suit your needs. ...they may have RXP-Xs' for rent(probably in 'learner mode' if they do though...

    here's their page:
    and phone number: 702-293-1191

    As for Lake Havasu, try these places:

    Honestly though, it's going to be difficult to find a place that will rent you a 'hot rod' thats not in 'learner' mode.
    There's just to much liability involved. most places have VXs' or GTIs' - period.

    good luck and I hope this helps.

    here's a link to a full search page, just for good measure:

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    Good luck.

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    There is a reason everyone used VX110, aside they are the most reliable ski out there, its actually insurance laws that dictate how fast of a ski you are allowed to rent. Above 55mph, Loyds of London wont cover you and they are ones that deal with specialty risk markets such as para-sailing and ski company i knew had a fleet of SHO in southflorida, his rental lasted about 4 months....sold his busted ass skis for 1/5 of what he paid.....

    sorry to burst your bubble, figured id let you know why rentals only have slow ass vx's...

    for what its worth, my vx skis all have ribbon deletes, custom exhaust, repiched impellers, aftermarket air fiters and all haul ass, from idle to top speed....but you wont find that anywhere modded vx skis are hands down way faster then the new vx's....

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwtony View Post
    one company i knew had a fleet of SHO in southflorida, his rental lasted about 4 months....sold his busted ass skis for 1/5 of what he paid.....
    Why did it fail?

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    It failed because he took the fastest most gas guzzlin ski in the market and tried to make a business out of them. I mean, would u give some random customer that's never driven a ski in their life a 70+mph Supercharged rocket. And before you say "why did he just put it in L(oser) mode", that's not even an option...if you've ever driven a sho in slow mode, youll completely understand.

    Even with the VX ski fuel is still the largest expense, our hourly rides burn more fuel then my 2 hour rides. Because everyone is trying to go as fast as they possibly can, for that entire hour....i can drive over well over 20 miles on a 5 gallon jug of fuel taking it easy on the SHO....but if im romping on it i can kill 5 gal in 2 miles....

    But these numbers dont hold the same for everyone. There are only a handful of legitimate rentals in the state that do what I do, mianly because its so expensive for the proper insurance... so the max rides they have are 1 hour or a tour....

    That AND i think his insurance company figured out what he was doing and dropped his ass.....its a perfect example of someone with too much money and not enough sense.
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    Got it. And I have never even been on a supercharged ski, so I don't know how it would feel in "L." Shucks, I haven't even driven mine in "L." I think I might just to see what it is!

    I understand the rest, too. Especially the fuel economy part since I'm a trucker who runs my business as a business. I'm in the oilfield now, and seems like most of the other guys have the "rollin' coal" mentality and kinda make it a point of pride to consume as much fuel as possible.

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    The SHO actually seems slower in L mode, then a VX ski in L mode....its really painful....
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