Savin Rock Park Beach, 1 Oak Street, West Haven, CT 06516

North East Watercraft Alliance Jet Ski Race at Savin Rock Park Beach, in West Haven, CT. Race is open to all skill levels and jet skis. Racers must be 10 years or older to race for the Junior class, and there will be a womans class. Bring what ever you have, and we will find a class for you to race with.

R/V / Trailer / Tents will be allowed at the race location.

Riders Meeting will be at 8:30 AM SHARP on Saturday. Racer Roll call will be taken, so don't be late.

Race Order:
Sport Spec
Runabout Open 4-Cycle
Ski Open
Sport GP
Sport Cruiser / Super Chicken
Ski Stock Spec
Runabout 800

Other classes may be added to the schedule. If there is 3 or more of one style ski, we will host a race. Feel free to contact me if you have interest in running a class not seen above.

We WILL NOT be picking balls for starting position. It is determined by when you register. You can pre-register under the Racing section . Registration will also take place at the race site on Friday 4-8PM and starting at 7AM on Saturday. Starting position for Moto 2 on Saturday will be determined by your finish in Moto 1 on Saturday. Starting position for Moto 1 on Sunday will be determined by your overall placement on Saturday.

You do not need an IJSBA membership to pre-register for the race. You can join the IJSBA at or fill out an application at the race site during registration.

Racers, Please arrange holders prior to racing. We can not afford to waste time waiting for holders every race. We are under time constraints due to tides. If you do not have your holders on the line when the race is ready to start, you will have to start without them.

Please feel free to contact me (Sal Morello) at 860-874-6451 with questions, or the Race Director Wayne Ordon at 518-209-2664.

Rule Book

Local Accommodations

Hampton Inn

Econo Lodge