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    Anybody have a Leo's holeshot kit on a GP1300R?

    I want to know how you use the tie downs on it. Seems that the tabs on the special tiedowns Yamaha has would contact the fiberglass of the kit. Thinking about putting a kit on this winter in the garage but I do like the specialized tie downs and I just bought some . Can you still use them ? If you have made this work can you show me a picture how you did it ? Leo says just drill the holes through but would the tiedowns still work ?

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    Drill the current holes out through the Leo Hole-Shot material ... no worries

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    the tie downs will not still work.. they are not long enough.

    On a side note, i want to order the hole shot kit soon.. i noticed today even at top speed my tail is dragging in the water.

    EDIT: I may be wrong, my ties are a tight fit, but it seems others have had success still using them.
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    The thing is even if they are a bit short, unless the bottom strap comes clear off the trailer the tie cannot come out of the hole cause the strap is holding it down. I just check and my fancy Yamaha tiedowns work on mine, a perfect fit.

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    ^ I just found out yesterday I had been using my straps wrong the whole time.. when I bought the ski they were in from the bottom lol.

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