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    Rebuilding carbs questions

    1999 xl1200 I am rebuilding the carbs and I have a few questions so I don't screw it up and have to take the carbs out again. I am going to try to build this pop off tester, any thoughts on if its a good design or anything? think the previous owner drilled out only my highspeed adjusters so I turned them all 1 full turn out, anyone know if this is fine for stock air intake?I also have the choice between a gold and silver spring for my carb rebuild, anyone know what pop of pressure I should have?In the pics:Where does that little plastic slide in the bag go?How do I remove those 2 round plastic check valve things?are the 2 hard plastic pieces in the correct spots? FYI: I know I have a 117.5 main jet, I cant remove my pilot jet for some reason so I don't know its size.
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    Any pop off tester setup with a good gauge and decent pressure control should work.
    your first pic has a metal tab with a single screw. The small plastic piece gets secured under this. There should have been on there to begin with.
    Two round check valves are replaced completely. Plastic disc and rubber grommet. You can push them out from the point side with a small screwdriver. When replacing dab a little 2 stroke oil on the grommet, slip a piece of dental floss through the hole and over the small end of the grommet and pull it into place.

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    Anyone know an idea of what pop off pressure I should have? I also tryed pusing the rubber grommet out with a Phillips head screwdriver pretty hard and it didnt come out, should i just push harder?

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    I got them out but cant get them back in, ill keep trying and the floss dosnt fit through the grommet with the disc around it.

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    put the disc on the grommet, then wrap the dental floss around the end of the grommet, then it goes through the aluminum base. then pull dental floss..

    you can push them in with a ball end 2mm allen wrench, but you might damage one... I damaged one. i can draw a terrible image on paint if you need.

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    that makes more since, I took the end of a screw driver and pushed on it with like 300 pounds of force and got it in, kinda a half ass job but everything it back together on carb 1 and now I cant get the bolt of the jet side of carb 2. I am trying to use an impact driver but I think its almost too striped

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    Well I got the bolt out and looked in side and the spring was silver in the second carb but the first carb it was gold and I couldnt find a guage for my pop off tester so I have no way of testing pop off pressure and I am really trying to get it in the water Monday. Do you know if this is a problem or if i should put a silver one in the first carb?

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    Gold is is the 115 gr spring, silver is 95 gr. Springs should match between carbs, err on the side of caution and use 95 gr springs.

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