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    Battery Hold Down

    Can anyone tell me what the battery hold down bolts go into?

    Long story short I installed a depth finder and it's not reading great at speed so I bought a second gel pad to install.

    When I went to go to take the battery out the bolts just spin like they are stripped. I cannot believe I over tightened them when putting it all back together??? I do remember the depth finder came with 2 new bolts that had some kind of loctite on them.

    Either way I need to figure out a way to get these bolts out???

    I feel like an idiot lol.

    Any my help is appreciated!!

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    are you talking about the battery hold down bolts or the battery cable bolts?

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    The hold down bolts that hold the battery down. I believe they are M8 bolts. 13mm heads.

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    Ohh, you made the same mistake I did. I too used the "loctite" bolts that came in the depth finder kit. I had a hell of a time getting them out. I stripped one but was able to get the other one out. After a lot of cussing, was able swing the battery enough to get the 4 screws out that secure the holder to the hull. Destroyed one of the self locking nuts and ended up replacing both of them for good measure. Also went back to using the OEM bolts as tossed the ones from the kit. Long story short, shouldn't use the loctite bolts with self locking nuts!

    I know this doesn't help you, only recommendation I have is to go really slow when trying to loosen them, again, I got lucky with one, but the other one striped out completely. I would get online and order some new ones for the reinstall.
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    Yep I had no idea the bolts went into locknuts. I have a feeling I am going to have to break it all apart or try and drill out the bolts.

    Open to to any other suggestions???


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