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    DIY 2009 SHO Pump Tunnel Reinforcement

    Anyone layered their own SHO pump tunnel reinforcement? I have plenty of fiber mat and SMC resin on hand and am more than willing to have a go at it. Seems like $165 is kinda steep for a piece of fiberglass, much less $270 for the Island Racing kit.

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    I have done it both ways, and I will say the piece Coco makes is first class and I sure would not do it myself again. Remember you are just about working upside down to get in there.

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    I bought the tunnel reinforcement from coco305. Very nice piece and fit perfectly. I was going to do it myself but after seeing his piece I bought it instead. If you do it make sure you remove the bolt plates and put them back in after your work. Other than that it will just need to have the plastic reinforcement pieces removed and then ruff up the existing glass with some 36 grit and start laying the mat. It should end up about 3/8" which will match what the bought pieces are.

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    I thought about laying my own. For the aggravation I'd just soon buy one pre-made. Just not worth standing on you head for hours.

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