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    Cavitation/propulsion problems.almost ready to give up!PLEASE HELP!

    I'm still having problems with my js440.From a take of it won't push water through the pump unless I turn n do a circle then it will hook up and plane out, but when taking off I can't plane out or move very fast going straight. I don't know the pitch of the impeller but it's aftermarket and came from a built ski .so its probably a high pitch.can a over pitched impeller cause this problem? I'm lost here . Ware ring is good and impeller gap is in spec.has one small chip in vein but don't think that's the problem. Thinking the impeller is slapping or cavitatin. Anyone have any ideas why this could be happening?

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    Sure, if it's pitched too steep it won't accelerate at all.

    Have you inspected sealing around the pump & pump shoe?

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    I sealed it when i changed the impeller, but I didn't put silicone on the rounded opening of pump where it meets the hull but the pump sits flush against it with no visible leaks I did run some silicone the outside edge with my finger but not in between the pump and hull.idk maybe your on to something. I will pull the pump and seal that up as well.I'll let you know if that is the fix.

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