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    Speedometer Only not working on MFD

    So I repaired my MFD display as described on Greenhulk(THANK YOU). Worked for over 500 miles in 2 months then the speedometer started acting funny. It was kind of stuck not fluctuating. After disconnecting and pressurizing the line from the water pick up up to MFD the speedo fluctuated as it should with varying pressure. I determined the rubber insert which acts as a restrictor in the plastic elbow in the water tunnel was compromised\clogged just not allowing water or air flow at all. I tried picking it with a fine torch tip cleaner to no avail adding WD 40 and compressed air. Finally the rubber restricter and anything else blew out up into the hull and disappeared. The inner hull area is like the Bermuda Triangle for tools and hardware my goodness! I realized I couldn't leave that elbow without the restrictor but what to put into the bore to recreate the restrictor. I walked pass a roll of small speaker wire I believe was 16 gauge. I sized it up and it was close. Cut a section about 6 inches long split the copper from the silver and stripped 3 inches of the single wire. Pull all the wire strands out cut the outer coat down to about an inch. Cut one end on a 45 degree angle , opening the wire coat hole back up. With a pair of small pliers feed the speaker wire coat insulation into the elbow as far as you can 45 degree angle first. You should get at least an 1/8th of an inch into elbow. After your satisfied with the amount inserted cut as close as you can to mouth of elbow with a new razor. Don't forget to open hole after being cut! I haven't tested against GPS yet but it seems right.
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    The stock speedometer pitot configuration does not have an elbow or restrictor in the water tube leading to the display. It is just a simple clear tube from the back of the display down to the nipple on the inside of the pitot fin mounting.

    The normal way to clear the hose is to disconnect the hose at the back of the display and apply some pressurized water to the small tube. Water should stream out of the little hole in the leading edge of the pitot fin inside the pump tunnel.

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