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    Damn carb strainers

    I have a 98GSXL and i have replaced all the lines so no more grey Tempo lines for more than 4 years now but the carb strainers keep plugging up anyways. Is there a way to put some external filters so I don't have to keep paying for carb cleaning ? Mechanic says it's just part of the fun of owning a 951 seadoo but i could do with more riding and less feeding him and his family. The fuel filter from the tank ( under the hood ) had very little crud in it.

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    You may also try cleaning you tank, fuel selector and use non-ethanol fuel. I"ve added inlines on them. Not sure if it helps or not.

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    find a new mechanic-- once the system is cleaned and the grey lines have been replaced and the sediment bowl is in NEW working condition, the filters inside the carbs will stay clean for 10+ years. You can verify this by taking apart an ORIGINAL set of carbs off an 02 GTX or 02 XPL or any seadoo jet boat-- the carb filters are always clean.

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    I have a inine filter in mine plus oem filter/separator, it helps

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    WE have very limited choice on mechanics here despite the large population. The dealer refuses to work on anything more than 5 years old or any ski not bought there. Independent shops are far away and/or are open very limited hours ( only Tuesday through Friday 9-5 )

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    Quote Originally Posted by flaco750 View Post
    I have a inine filter in mine plus oem filter/separator, it helps
    where did you put the inline filter ?

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    We remove the screens all together once the fuel system has been cleaned and the hoses swapped over ,the fuel filter/water separator is 70 microns so anything larger will not go through the mesh and into the carbs
    A human hair is about 70 microns, anything under this will go through the low speed jet which is the smallest orifice in the carbs

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    thanks will ask the mechanic why they are necessary

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    I cleaned my xp-l carbs 2 years ago, and recently checked them and they are fine still

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    has been 3 years and got a rebuild. the wife of the mechanic says that this should be done every couple of years, or at least "carburator servicing" whatever that is.

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